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Publishing Services / Distribution / Subscription

Publishing Services

At Imagery UK Ltd we don’t just print magazines. We help our publishers build profitable publishing business.

We do this by offering a range of services designed to help you print, distribute and market your magazine with the sole objective of helping you build a profitable publishing business.

Newsstand Distribution

We offer a range of distribution options which we can tailor to the needs of your magazine. We work with some of the UK’s largest logistics and distribution business to deliver cost effective distribution to newsagents throughout the UK.

Our magazines are exported to countries around the world and we can help you develop export strategies that can really build overseas sales.

If you are new to magazine publishing and would like to see your magazine on sale in high street retailers and supermarkets we can help you how to make it happen. If you are an established magazine publisher then why not challenge us to give you some new ideas that will help reduce your costs and build your newsstand sales.

Free Distribution

We offer cost effective distribution solutions to help publisher distribute free magazines to carefully targeted audiences. We partner with some of the UK’s largest logistics companies to help our publishers reduce their distribution costs.

We understand the need to carefully target the distribution of copy and we take the time to develop a real understanding of your target audience. We work with you to devise and implement distribution strategies that will cost effectively put your magazine into the hands of your readers.

Magazine Subscriptions

Subscriptions are the life blood of many of our magazine publishers

We can provide subscription marketing advice to help your attract more subscribers. We understand how to devise effective page ads, partner with membership organisations and the use of social media to build subscriber numbers.

For publishers seeking to improve the management of their subscription fulfilment we can offer a range of options from bespoke database systems to full outsourcing.

We understand postal costs and can help publishers make substantial savings by ensuring that they are using the most cost effective mailing method available to them.

We can help you build a profitable publishing business

We have helped both new and established publishing business reduced their costs and increase their sales. We would love to learn more about your business and tell you about some of the ways that we can help.

Contact us today for some new ideas and a fresh approach. Call us on 0121 486 1616

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