Testimonials - Imagery UK

I’ve worked with Imagery for many years now, and despite the many requests from other printers – such as the two I arrived back to today, I wouldn’t dream of taking Live 24-Seven elsewhere. The service they offer actually goes beyond the confines of an agreement. They have helped create the style of Live 24-Seven, they design pages, they print the magazine and they also, by request, help with our distribution strategy – a complete bespoke service really. They also happen to be lovely people to work with, the team are genuinely interested in what you do and always on hand if there are questions which certainly helps when you can be needy – or needy by virtue of our advertisers requests!

Life in media can be quite fluid, you rely on your clients being timely – which they often aren’t, and Imagery work with us to ensure that despite outside factors, we remain on time and on quality. We as a regional title have secured many prestigious brands and companies who wouldn’t normally advertise on a regional basis such as Rolls Royce, and I’m certain that our style and quality play a huge part in that in addition to our readership of course, so Imagery deserve a pat on the back for that too!

Katie Live 24 Seven

As bespoke publishers, our clients expect 5* printing. Imagery consistently deliver 1st class quality & service and their costs are always highly competitive. We have used Imagery for almost 10 years and I would not hesitate recommending them

Nick Hine Hine Marketing

I thought I'd drop you a quick line to tell you what an amazing job you have done with the printing of the magazine.
We have had real positive feedback from the readers about the quality of the printing. Mainly saying how bright and clear the colours are.
I do feel that without your teams excellent printing skills we would probably not be here today. We are now regarded as the top magazine in Leicestershire.
Thank you for all of your help especially with the passing of your knowledge to our design staff - to make sure the quality remains constant.
We look forward to a continued compatible working relationship.

Mike La Vie Magazine